Client Centric Product Development

During the last 45 years I and my team have developed many, many different food products. Our rate of market success was phenomenal - more than 70% developed and marketed were accepted in the market and found their steady space in the shelfs of the food shops. The normal survival rate is below 10%.

We developed meat products, vegetarian alternatives to meat and sausage, tomato products, ketchups and condiments, soup stocks, freuit jams, chocolate creams, soyamilk and Ricemilk, plant based alternatives to joghurt, cream cheese, feta cheese and more.

In many cases we adapted production machinery or built complete lines and factories from scratch.

More than 90% of all products developed were produced in certified organic versions.

As our focus today is organic rice we only do developments for few selected clients and only one or 2 projects at a time. We keep the volume of product development work small enough that it feels like a hobby while producting results of the highest professional order.

We rarely take new clients as the existing ones keep us mostly busy but if you have an interesting or worthy idea or product development demand, drop a line to me, Bruno with your contact details so we can talk about it.