Our Products

As our focus is exclusively on organic products the clock ticks a little different for us that of the normal, fast paced, finance-driven conventional commodity trade.

As the certification process from conventional to organic agriculture is at least 3 years (and depending on agricultural, economic or other limitations sometimes takes 5 years) we have to take the long range view.
Accordingly we build relationships with our farmers and clients taking a long-term approach.

This is also the best and most productive way to influence the quality development in our farmers and millers operations so that they conform in a robust way with international production and documentation standards.

With our farmers and millers we have the reputation of being helpful and good partners, but also of being "beancounters". As our CEO Bruno Fischer has been a Managing Partner of a couple of industrial organic food processing companies in Germany, he knows better than most traders the importance of consistent, clearly defined and reliable quality in product quality and the processes that lead to that result.

There is hardly a month we do not inspect additional millers and processors who pride themselves in producing and supplying organic. Hardly any of them makes it on our approved supplier list, The ones that make it, typically do so after working with us on improvements. This may take weeks or month.

Our ratio is about one approved Supplier to 12 inspected possible suppliers. Some of the suppliers/processors we reject are good, just not good enough.

We are structuring the products according to similar commercial traits and not according to the origin.

Accordingly we group

  • Hom Mali / Jasmin
  • Basmati
  • Long Grain
  • Parboiled
  • Colored Rice
  • Medium Grain
  • Japonica
  • Brokens
  • Soya
  • Pulses

As a side dish, a remainder of earlier businesses at the crossroad between work and hobby we do some product development for selected clients. Please find more at the relevant page.