Our 550 Farmers

are the heart of our work.

Improving their livelihood, their ecological performance, the expansion of their ecological, agricultural and financial education is at the heart of our work.

The GDP contribution of inhabitants of Amantcharone Province is one of the lowest of the 77 provinces of Thailand. It is less than 100 USD per Month and 11 times lower than the GDP of people in Bangkok.

The soil quality in the region has deteriorated very much over the last 30 years. Rather low organic matter levels to start with, followed by more than 30 years of (over) application of Chemical fertilizer and uneven, manual application have led to organic matter levels of only 0,4% as the provincial average.

Average rice yields are only 2,3 tons of paddy per hectar.

Our aim is to bring natural fertility back, lower input cost, increase ex farm sales prices by producing certified organic paddy and thus boosting net farm income considerably. To reach these goals we facilitate know-how exchange, activation of self help and providing specific trainings and schooling. For that we run our Farmers School.

Each of our farming members is obliged to visit our Farmers school for one session of two hours per month. We work with groups of 25-30. Two hours is not much but concentrating on the core topics of organic agriculture, best practice exchange, the bigger ecological picture and financial consequences the Farmers School has major impacts on actions and performance.
Each farmer has about 60 hours of training during her/his transitions period to become an organic farmer and continues to attend also afterwards.
More see in the chapter Farmer School under FTST section.

Bruno Fischer

is the founder and sole shareholder of FTS Germany and the majority shareholder of FTS Thailand and
FTS India.

As an ecological serial entrepreneur he has during the last 40 years established, grown and sold a number of successful organic food companies including a Natural Foods Mail Order Business (in the the late 1970th and 80th), a leading organic meat processing plant with shops (in the 1980/90), a major plant and brand for vegetarian meat analogues, breadspreads and condiments (also in the 1980/90th) . All of these companies have been handed over to the employees or sold. In each case the business has continued successfully.

The last company Bruno founded and grew before establishing Foodtech Solutions was Natumi, a producer of "milk" from Soya, Rice and Oats, now part of the Hain-Celestial Group.Bruno has been a Director of the Natural Food Processors Association of Germany.

He was a founding member in the Evaluation Committee of IFOAMs Accreditation System and also of the International Biochar Initiative.Bruno loves to work, is an omnivorous reader, enjoys swimming, bicycling, dancing (ballroom and latin) and rollerskating. Since 2015 Bruno is married to Ananya Kaewsrisupawong.

Ananya Kaewsrisupawong

is the Managing Director of Foodtech Solutions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
After some years in corporate banking and working as an interpreter for NGO and international military missions, Ananya has worked with Bruno on his Thai organic rice project almost from day one.

Ananya is the sole shareholder of the organic Ngern Dee ricemill that mills the paddy for FTS Thailand and a shareholder of FTS Thailand.

Bruno and Ananya married 2015 and live together with their five dogs on the same premises where the offices of FTS Thailand, the FTS Amantcharoen Famers Network and the Ngern Dee ricemill are located.

In her spare time Ananya enjoys her dogs, reading, going to the temple and savouring the delicious food of Thailand

Brajkumar Bhadauria (Braj)

After completing his Major in Food Biotechnology from University of Strathclyde in the U.K., he has worked for some years in different functions in Production and QA in different Food and Rice Industries before joining FTS. Braj is Managing Partner of FTS India and lives with his Family in Gujarat from where he oversees our operations in India and Pakistan..

Gregg Harvey

heads our Liaison Office in Brazil. Native from South Africa he fell in love with a lovely Brazilian Girl who today is his spouse and mother of their sons. Before joining FTS Gregg has worked in the rice industry in Brazil. From the office in Santa Catarina, the ricebowl of Brazil he manages our work in Brazil and Uruguay.

Yannick Pöter

has worked most of his career as an air- and sea freight specialist at a international freight forwarding and logistics provider. After Joining FTS in 2016 and having distinctive experience in customs clearance, warehousing and freight forwarding he now manages our freight movements.

He works closely with Bruno in serving our international clients and supports also his international colleagues in all matters concerning logistics.
He is an very enthusiastic supporter of FC Schalke 04 soccer team and visits their matches wherever they play, nationally or internationally.

Tamara Gurdzel-Lysiuk

finished her degree in international trading in 2015 and has joined the team as administrator, working also in the finance department.

In her free time she loves to dance and also is a dance instructor to teenage groups.

Always at her side (mostly under her table) is her dog, the cheeky french bulldog Rocco.

Narissapong Kanjanakul (Tln)

After running his own IT business, Tle joined us in 2014. As the Export coordinator he is responsible for the smooth execution of our internationinal sales from Thailand and all processes and documentations involved.
Beside Ananya, Tle is the most competent english speaking colleage in our Thai office and as such often acts as liason to our other offices overseas and also assists Bruno to communicate without major misunderstanding with the Thai colleagues.

Tle takes care of maaaany dogs and loves computer games. His all time favourite is WoW.