The Network and FTS

Foodtech Solutions has been involved in the development of the network since its early organisational stages and throughout its six year development phase . We have assisted in drafting the legal structure, the bylaws, the tax optimized structure, we are paying for external experts, internal inspectors, the organic and fairtrade certifications and assist with the vast amount of work needed in the organisation, documentation and continued diligence for certification of such a big and complex organisation.

In each and every aspect we encourage the network to become an independent, self governing entity. We continue to support their organisational develpement. We believe that a good lasting partnership needs strong partners on both sides that are independent and can negotiate and cooperate on equal terms.

FTS have signed a longterm contract. In the cooperation the Farmers will (other than direct sell to local consumers) sell their certified organic products through FTS and will receive the highest prices in the market for their paddy in return. FTS does carry all 3rd party cost of the inspection and certification system both for Organic and Fairtrade certification process.

The main role of the Farmers Network in the cooperation is to produce and develop the agricultural, social and product quality while FTS focusses is on financing, processing, marketing and sales plus market and process development.

Beside the main role of representing the farmers interest in collaboration with Foodtech Solutions Foodtech and the Network run the following topics together.