has been one of the worlds major rice exporters for many decades and is for more than three decades now the worlds leading exporter of rice in quality, quantity and value. Thailand is also the unsurpassed leader when it comes to reliable, constant and high quality rice exports.

About 51% of the total population of Thailand live from farming.

Thai farmers earn only 1/13th of the Thai national average or only 8% of the average income of the other half of the population.

While Thai farmers do not go hungry, often they have very limited opportunity for secondary education for their children and very often are heavily in dept.

Our Thai home: Amnatcharoen Province

In AmnatCharoen grows the most aromatic Hom Mali (Jasmin) Rice. Hom Mali is already the highest quality Fragrant Rice Quality, so Hom Mali from Amantcharoen is the best of the best.

Amantcharoen is a quite small province in the northeast of Thailand. Located on a slightly elevated plain between 2 riverbasins we basically have no irrigation and the farmers of Amantcharoen rely on the Monsoon rain only.

A majority of the population still has agriculture as the main source of income and accordingly Amantchoren is one of the poorest Thai provinces. The GDP per capita is second lowest of all 77 Thai provinces.

Soil qualities are very poor, the average total organic matter is only 0,4%. Accordingly the yield of Hom Mali is very low with an average of 2.2 mt of Paddy per Hectar.

To grow to maturity and bear fruit is hard work for the Hom Mali Rice plants in our province. As the specific Aroma and smell of Hom Mali develop especially good if the plant has some stress during its growing period, the Jasmin rice of Amantcharoen is renowed for its superb fragrance and melting mouthfeel.

It is interesting to know that for 10 years, year after year the Hom Mali rice from Amantcharoen did win a national award for the best Hom Mali rice.

We have been selling some of our Organic Hom Mali to consumers in Bangkok and some of our customers got into a lot of stress when - prior to new harvest - we could not supply them immediately. "You can not do that to me! My family does not want to eat any other rice after having got used to yours. I gave them the leading brands but they are not happy and always ask when I will serve them your rice again."