Glyphosate - Very Important New Results!

Jan 18, 2018

Today I received the January Issue of The Insider, a newsletter by IFOAM Organics International. It is was a link to a very, very important article. I strongly suggest that you read and share the very timely article published HERE.

Here is the gist of it and my take on it:

Glyphosate is the so called active ingredient in Roundup Ready and many more herbicides in the market.

Glyphosate as a single substance does not do much at all. It is a low functional herbicide when used alone and also the toxicity is not soooo bad.

VERY bad are the other ingredients in the finished commercial Glyphosate based herbicides.

The OTHER, non-Glyphosate ingredients have very strong Herbizides properties ontheir own, COMPLETELY WITHOUT Glyphosate present.

These other ingredients were always considered functionally unimportant and just fillers and helpers so that Glyphosate can do its job. As it was declared that these substances hand no herbicidal properties and were as such pretty unimportant when doing risk evaluations, they mainly stayed under the radar of the authorities and the public.

The producers aways say that they consider them low key stuff, but as the research described in the article shows, they are highly functional as herbizide - on their own much more so than Glyphosate on its own and they are very toxic!

On top of that the total mixes - the formulars sold for agricultural application - contain up to 60 times higher concentrations of toxic Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Chromium and others.

Let me tell you how that looks to me:

Someone worked out a very poisonous concotion that is highly toxic and very bad for the environment but highly functional as Total Plant Killers

Then they took the least harmful ingredient and declared that one to be the active ingredient.
All the rest was declared "just some insignificant technical helpers" so that these would be disregarded in all safety considerations.
The complete formulars are also spiked with heavy metals where normally they would need to be collected and safely stored as highly toxic waste at considerable costs.

What an elegant, brazen and insolent fraud!

The authorities have been tricked into (and/or colluded to) conducting reviews of the so called active ingredient Glyphosate, disregarding the much more deadly and toxic other ingredients of the Total Plant Killers.

A stringend and timely review of complete herbicide products as they are sold for herbizide appication are overdue and have to happen NOW.

Lets stop talking about the single ingredient Glyphosate as it seems to be the nicer one of the bad guys and focus on the complete products sold as herbizide.
Please share the original article or at least the blogpost far and wide, thanks

Bruno Fischer

PS: May I ask you again to read the full article or at least the Abstract? It is well written and makes the facts much more clear than I could do in these some lines.