• organic rice in India
  • organic rice in India
  • organic rice in India
  • organic rice in India

Our profile and products

Foodtech Solutions is one of the worlds leading specialists for organic rice.

With companies in Germany, Thailand and India we develop, manage, oversee and export, trade and broker our organic rice and other food products from Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Brazil nad Uruguay.

We source, process, quality assure and sell defined qualities of all varieties of certified organic rice:

  • Long, Medium and Round Grain
  • White, Brown, Red and Black
  • Jasmine, Basmati, Sushi, Sticky and non aromatic
  • raw, steamed and parboiled
  • for direct packing, milling/processing and industrial applications
  • Production of organic rice in India, Pakistan,Brazil,Cambodia and Thailand.
  • as whole grain, brokens or rice flour
  • for normal consumption or babyfood
  • in fair-trade organic or organic or fair-trade

Beside organic rice our focus is on organic soy and pulses.

As sourcing agents we work for important industrial customers and source different organic food grade commodities.

What we can do for you

You are working with organic rice, soy or pulses and want to improve your quality, specifications or buying conditions?

You are interested in rice products like rice flour, rice germ oil or rice pasta?

You want to have better, safer, more consistent or cheaper organic raw materials?

If you answer is yes to at least one of these questions, then talk to us! It will be worth your while!

We manage up our processes, partnerships and QA systems in a way that allows us to supply to you
- in the agreed quality
- at the agreed reasonable price
- at the agreed time
- with the agreed certifications
- executed under the agreed quality assurance processes

Our main markets and customers are in Europe, some in the US and a customer sprinkled in here and there in Asia.

Beside Production and Trading we also do Sales Brokerage and Purchase Brokerage supported by long term contracts with dedicated suppliers and customers.

What we are interested in

Our professional interest is on the development of sustainable organic agricultural production.
We focus on the development and maintenance of processes that are sustainable. In the cooperation with our farmers we aim for re-building soils with increased organic matter and more live in the soils.

We aim for long-term partnerships with farmers, millers, traders and processors that are ecologically and financially mutually beneficial.

It is your turn

to shoot us an email to hello at fts.bio, so we can keep you up to date every 2 month or so by email.
We are also happy to call you and learn how we can serve you with a custom offer that will serve you best.